what are microgreens?

Amaranth – Red Garnet


Microgreens are the miniature seedlings of a full grown herb or vegetable that are harvested 6 – 20 days after germination. They can be harvested with only the cotyledons (seed leaves) or with the first true leaves. They are more mature than a sprout, but less developed than a baby green. Intense coloring, flavor and nutrition make microgreens a delicious addition to any salad, smoothie or meal.



Locally grown

We grow microgreens in our greenhouse in Duncan, South Carolina.  Our central location allows us to respond to customers quickly. We can even fill an on-demand order within hours if crops are available.  We will customize a growing and harvesting schedule to  meet your needs.


quality & variety

Control over temperature, lighting, and humidity allows us to grow premium produce that will wow your customers with an unexpected taste or visual treat that will keep them coming back for more.  Choose from a wide variety of in-stock seeds or let us grow that hard-to-find flavor that will enhance your menu.


Growing in a controlled environment eliminates the threat of pests and makes pesticides unnecessary.  All we use is organic soil, untreated non-GMO seeds, filtered pH balanced water, and sunlight.  Nature does the rest.  The short growing cycle means no fertilizer is necessary.  Mother Nature has provided all the food required for growth to harvest.