Produce 365 Microgreens grows a wide variety of microgreens and wheatgrass. We love growing things and take pride in the quality and taste of our crops. This is what we do full time, so we can focus on growing and delivering locally to ensure consistent freshness and flavor.  We welcome custom orders and would enjoy working with you to grow exactly what you need, when you need it. 


Every Sunday at 1 pm —> Lidl East  2200 East MainStreet Spartanburg, SC 

                            1:45 —> Lidl West 8181 Warren H. Abernathy Hwy                                                         Spartanburg, SC


Place order by 5 pm Friday for Sunday delivery.

Text Jan at 517-861-0990 or Doug at 517-404-7411

We accept cash, Paypal, and cards